ZeroLine Trader
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ZeroLine Trader (ZLT) is the front-end for Interactive Brokers' Trader Workstation. It is an easy to use, reliable and effective trading platform.

ZeroLine Trader helps you to trade with disciplines.
Configure->Preferences, you can turn on the Enforce Discipline Rules. Then ZLT will not transmit any order unless the stop loss is defined. Also, once it establishes a position, the stop can only be tightened. The stop can not be widened beyond the predefined stop amount. The stop can not be cancelled.

ZeroLine Trader helps you to trade effectively.
     Besides offering the standard trading features, such as auto stop/target orders, trailing stop, ratio/size stop, break even/break even+ stop, auto chase, automated trading, the support of Individual and also Financial Advisor accounts, ZeroLine Trader excels with:

Customize the colors, fonts and table styles of the Main Action Grid and the DOM window
Create and customize your own Action Buttons.
Create and customize your own Spread Buttons.

  • Reliable, Reasonably priced, ...

ZeroLine SimTrader (ZLST) is free, fully functional and one of the most realistic trading simulation software.

A trader can use ZeroLine SimTrader to get familiar with the features of ZeroLine Trader, or to test trading systems/ideas with real time data without risking any cash.






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