Screen shots

Add a New Chart
Add Technical Study
Remove Technical Study



Add New Chart:

  1. In ZLT main window, select Chart->Chart ...
  2. In the ZereLine Chart window, selectFile->New Workspace to create a workspace.
  3. Select File->New Chart ...
  4. In the New Chart dialog, select a data row and click OK.

    Select Data Row
  5. In the Chart Settings dialog, set the desired Field to Chart and Bar Period.

    Chart Settings
  6. Click OK in the Chart Settings dialog.
  7. The chart window will open and starts to retrieve historical data.

    ES 201003 3M Chart

Add Technical Study

  1.  Right click in the chart window and select Insert Technical Study ...

    Select 'Insert Technical Study'
  2. In the Select Technical Study window, select a study such as SMA (Simple Moving Average), click Next

    Select Technical Study
  3. In the Edit Settings window, double click the Value cell to edit the value of the corresponding study parameter.
    Remeber to click Enter key to commit the change.
    Click Next.

    Edit Study Settings
  4. In the Select Study Area window, select Price in the combo box.
    The Price is selected because we are adding a moving average and prefer to draw it in the same area as the price bars.
    If we are adding studies such CCI or MACD, select New Area.
    Click Finish.

    Select Study Area
  5. Note the SMA is now drawn with the price bars.
    Chart with SMA

Remove Technical Studydy

  1. Right click on a chart and select Edit Edit Technical Studies ...

    Edit Technical Studies
  2. In the Edit Studies window, right click on the study you wan to remove and select Delete.

    Delete Study
  3. Select Yes in the Delete Study Confirmation dialog.
  4. Note that the study is removed from the chart.
  5. Close the Edit Studies window.